Declutter your Life – Hint: It’s not just about your home.
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In the lives of our forefathers’ things were pretty straight forward. Granted, they probably didn’t focus as much on being happy, but they experienced less stress than us. When I feel particularly stressed out, I turn to decluttering or spring cleaning.

For a lot of people, including me, decluttering means clearing out your old clothes, getting rid of stuff you hardly use, sorting out old papers, organizing the cabinets etc. But it does not have to stop there. You might have experienced the weight lifting feeling from having an organised home, but sometimes that is not enough.

Here are just a few avenues where you could also declutter to really feel satisfied and lead a more happy and simple life:

Digital Devices

Declutter your laptop and cell phones. Things you can do:

– Organize all the photos on your devices into folders on one device;

– Clear out unused apps or programs;

– Clean the exterior; and

– Clear out cache items.

I feel great when I do this. I feel like I have a brand-new
device. Your devices tend to work faster and there is less “stuff” to see.

Email Inbox

Throughout the years you might have subscribed to promotional emails. Do you really read all of those? If not – unsubscribe. At the moment, each day you look through your emails delete these emails without even opening them. Just unsubscribe. Take the time to do it now rather then constantly deleting these unwanted emails on an almost daily basis.

Social Media Accounts

How many pages have you liked on FB? Do you realise that these pages are influencing what you see on your FB feed? Do you want to have info related to these pages on your feed? Unfollowing pages that you don’t even remember you were following is also a great way to declutter your life.

The same can be said for other social media accounts such as Twitter and Pinterest.

Steve Johnson

To Much on your Plate

Now this section of your life needs some thought. If you feel that you are managing very well with doing a lot of stuff like volunteering at NGOs doing many extracurricular activities etc. Then that’s awesome! You are the type of person that thrives in that sort of environment.

But if you are feeling overwhelmed with all the projects you are attempting and if you feel like you need some time to just relax, maybe you should take a break from one of those activities.

I’m not saying to go cold turkey and stop it entirely. Take a break and after a while reevaluate how you feel and then make a decision if you would like to continue with it, or stop it entirely.


Contrary to popular beliefs I do not think it is a good idea to decrease your friend circle, distance yourself from others, and delete friends on social media (unless you have not met them in real life). There are many ideas in this day and age that advocate a smaller friend circle.

I think this is sabotaging ourselves. Human beings are social creatures by nature. No man is an island. Those memes doing the rounds about how unsociable someone is, and how difficult it is to interact with society is just making things worse. I could write a whole new blog post on this topic.

In my personal opinion, you should only decrease your friend
circle if:

– The people in question are toxic/extremely negative; and

– You are not in a position to help them.

I hope these ideas will help you declutter your life and
mind – bringing sunshine and happiness and lots of good, positive energy.

Wishing you lots of happiness.

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