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The world has become smaller thanks to the speed and ease with which we can travel. But this also means that our loved ones might be miles away from us. Technology, as always, makes life easier. Video and voice call, emails, instant messages, Facebook etc. these great inventions help keep us connected.

But what about those special occasions where a message or long letter just doesn’t cut it? Below are 7 ideal inexpensive, digital gifts you can give a loved one who is far away.

1. Photo collage

A photo collage is a collection of special photos designed in a creative way.

There are many apps that have templates which you can use to design your photo collage. To help get your started you could pick a theme. For example, if it is your loved one’s birthday, you can showcase photos from the time they were a baby till now. Kind of like a photographic timeline.

2. Slideshow

The old PPT. I have almost exhausted these because I’ve used them so often. Creating a PowerPoint Slideshow, with music, photos, quotes, and funny inside jokes is a wonderful gift that can be re-played years from now. They are extremely personal because you would have selected each and every item that went into it.

There is no limit to the creativity that can result from using a slideshow. You could even add a video of yourself wishing them towards the end of the slideshow for that extra special touch.


3. Digital card

There are great websites that allow you to design a card and they email it for you. I came across these recently. They are so personalised and some can be as “handmade” as you can digitally get.

4. E-vouchers

Don’t know what to get them? Feel they might want something practical? Why not give them an e-voucher for their favourite online shop? This is a great idea if you want to give someone a gift for moving into a new place, or relocating. They are able to get something they really need.

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5. Video Clip

Send your loved one a video clip of you wishing them. What makes this different from just wishing them over video call? You can make it awesome! Dress up, choose your background, create a monologue, express yourself as if no one is watching you. Your loved one will appreciate this digital gift so much and will continuously play it.

 6. Sing a song over a voice note

Singing a song and sending it over a voice note is sure to melt their hearts. Imagine having someone serenade you and then being able to play that over and over again. Just be prepared that your loved one will mostly like play your voice note to all their friends gushing over how thoughtful you are. Hey, this might be your debut, you could become a singing sensation!

7. Online shopping

This is almost as good as them getting a gift from your hands. Shop online as if you would go to the mall to buy them something. Once you have chosen your gift pay for it via credit/debit card. In other words, pay for it in advance and not cash on delivery. Choose their address as the delivery point. Ensure someone is able to pick it up on that side. Imagine their excitement at having a parcel couriered to them and the joy of ripping off the packaging.

Lastly there are gift sites which create a hamper for you, or delivers flowers for you. I’m sure there are a whole lot of other sites I haven’t heard of or digital gift ideas which I have not thought off. Have you been given a digital gift? Do you use gift websites? Please share by commenting below.

Wishing you lots of happiness.

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