Doves and the Power to Catch Opportunities
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The adaption below is based on a true story given to me by my good friend Ashif. He wanted to share it so that the moral of his story can help people. This moral stands true for people from all walks of life. With his kind permission this story has been embellished and published here. We hope you enjoy this “modern fable” and that it helps you in your life. If this story has helped you in anyway please share by commenting at the end.

When I was 13 years old, I asked Dad for a dove. He said that he could not buy me one. I pleaded with him to buy me one. Promising him that I would take care of the dove. Dad refused saying that he did not have enough money. My disheartened look seemed to have softened his resolve. He finally said “Son, let’s do this. I will take you to a place where lots of doves are roaming. Which ever dove you catch, that  dove will be yours.” I became very excited and hugged him “Thank you so much Dad. I’m so happy”.

The next day Dad took me to a park were there were lots of doves. He smiled with satisfaction and said “Here my son, catch any dove you want. We will take it home, feed it well, and give it a nice life”. I eagerly ran to catch a dove. I went behind almost every dove but was not able to catch even one. As I breathed heavily my father said “Son, if you cannot catch even one dove, where there are so many doves around, then you are not ready for a dove.”

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I hung my head in defeat, tears streaming down my face and falling on the grass. Dad held my shoulders and told me reassuringly “you need to build the power to catch a dove. Do not despair my son. You will practice and come another day. One day surely you will catch your dove,” I listened to Dad’s words and agreed to go home.

广博 郝

Almost everyday for the next month my father and I went to the park so that I could try and catch a dove. I started figuring out techniques which would make me faster, and started understanding how to silence the sound of my movements. Finally, at the end of the month I caught a beautiful dove.

Dad was overjoyed! We bought the dove home, fed it, and watched as it played in the garden. As we looked at the beautiful dove with pride, Dad explained “My son, this dove and all the other doves in the park are opportunities in life. Most opportunities cannot be easily caught. You need to get the power to catch what you want. I am so proud of you my son, because you worked almost every day for a whole month. You have built and developed the power to finally catch what you want.”

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