Good news, Bad news and Uncertainty of Life
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As you grow older, there will be instances when you hear news from your friends, family, neighbor, etc. The news can be either good or bad, it depends on the circumstances. You need to understand that this is life. Life is full of good news, bad news and uncertainty. It all depends how you react or respond on that occasion.

According to the global birth and death rate 4 babies are born, and 1 person dies, every second.  Loved ones will experience good news for each baby born and bad news for every death. You cannot anticipate what will happen in just 1 second. Uncertainty in life can be unpredictable, exciting and painful at the same time. Things can change so fast and so easily, even that which you would have never expected.

Once me and my friend, were drinking tea in a small cafe and discussing a few down-times in our lives. As we further discussed about our problems, we came up with a few tips to deal with uncertainty and here I share  them with you.

1. Converting Stress to Excitement

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Bad news gives you stress and its a problematic situation if you stress more. And good news gives you an excitement and motivation. Stress slows you down and makes you feel low, but it does not stop you. Let excitement come into the picture and motivate you and make some improvement. Tell yourself “I am excited” rather than “I am stressed”. Both stress and excitement has similar symptoms that gives you an adrenaline rush. And if you are able to convert stress to excitement that little adrenaline can be healthier.

“You can’t be happy unless you’re unhappy sometimes”
― Lauren Oliver, Delirium

2. Preparing IF-THEN-ELSE conditions

Artem BaliFORMULA->

IF uncertainty occurs
Plan A
Plan B
Plan C
“Carry on until you feel good and reach your goal”

Using this formula you prepare yourself if something uncertain happens. The only intention of this formula is to have different backup plans if something does not go your way and help yourself in decision making. You can apply this formula in every situation of your life “When things don’t go your way“.

3. Beautifying Uncertainties

There are ways to redirect uncertainties to a beautiful path and it all depends on the way you respond. For example: You did your best at work and you are confident about it but suddenly people don’t see your work so well. Yes, this would be a stressful situation. You can take this as a challenge and redirect the uncertainty to a next level. Perhaps find out why people did not like your work and what would be the best solution. Never react and make things worst but respond and redirect it to a challenge.

“Respond and do not React”

Morgan Sessions

It’s a challenge of life for you to be strong the next time you hear bad news. Face the uncertainty, that is the real challenge. We need to prepare ourselves for the unexpected journey of life. Have a great life.

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