Healthy use of Social Media
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Social Media has a bad rep these days. There have been many studies done on its negative effects. People with phones attached to their hands. A couple sitting in a coffee shop deeply engrossed in their phones and not communicating with each other. Social media definitely has brought up a lot of issues. But there is a flip side.

It’s not social media which is bad, it’s the way people use it that’s bad.

Like anything which is addictive, it is our duty to practice moderation. If you drink too much of water you could die. But water is good for you! Being an alcoholic is severely unhealthy. But alcohol can be used as a medicine. People can be obsessed with video games. But some video gaming in limited amounts can be beneficial to you.

Social media is just like all of the above. With anything in life we need to create a balance.

We forget about that balance when it comes to social media. 


Social media started off with a great, noble vision of bringing the world closer. It helps us cross boundaries with ease so we can communicate with our loved ones. It takes pen pals to a whole new level. And in that joy we become so addicted that we lost the power to create human bonds with strangers.

I understand the world is not a friendly place anymore because of the increase in crime. If a stranger strikes up a conversation with you, you might think of kidnapping, stolen goods, drugs etc. But its not just us being scared that has made us so unsociable. It’s also the fact that we would much rather see our phone screen, then make a new friend.

There are steps we can take to curb this addiction or at least make better use of it:

1. Don’t look at your phone first thing in the morning.

Your morning ritual sets you up for your day. Don’t start it off by looking at Facebook or Instagram. Chances are there is not much positivity on those feeds.

2. Do other activities to relax

People generally use social media to relax. But you can do so many other things such as reading, gardening, playing a musical instrument, writing, even watching TV!

3. Have daily limits of how often you will be on social media.

Having a daily limit for the use of social media helps curb the addiction. I generally only use social media after midday.

4. Replace with a informative / positive app

If you are a person who has to look at their phone then try replacing some of your social media time by using an informative or positive app. For example, Duolingo is a free app that teaches various languages by using fun, interactive games.

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5. Try to brighten your news feed

For the time that you are using social media try following some positive, law of attraction related, mind power, or happy news to brighten up your news feed. This will increase your positivity levels while you are scrolling.

Social Media is a truly wonderful invention which brings us so close to our friends and family no matter where they are in the world. Let’s use it responsibly.

What are your views? Pleases share by commenting below.

Wishing you lots of happiness.

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