How to be Self-Disciplined
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People have praised me for my self-discipline and ask how I do it. This gave me the idea of today’s article. Self-discipline was not something which I was born with, but rather something I developed over the years by building certain habits.

Self-disciplined people are more successful, healthier and happier in life.

-Dr. T. P. Chia 


Do what you don’t want to do first

This seems simple, but most of the time laziness or procrastination kicks in. When you don’t want to do something you tend to leave it for last. You will finish all the other things on your to-do list but through all those hours you have the nagging feeling that soon you will have to do that dreaded task.

Now if you did the dreaded task first, you mind will be at ease, you will feel light, and you will have much less stress. So bear through that tedious time so that you are able to have a happier and more satisfied day.


Every semester I had this weird habit to spring clean and re-organise my wardrobe shortly before exam prep started. Even if the wardrobe didn’t need it. I would also clear out all my study material and organise them once again. This made my mind and body feel so clear that I felt I could study much better. And it worked!


I also derive joy when I write down the small tasks that I have completed. It keeps me on track and it gives me an extra dose of happiness. I use OneNote, to keep organised as well as for all the tasks I complete at work, for my projects, and for Living in a Hotspot.

What does organisation have to do with self-discipline? Well, for me it’s the easiest way for me to maintain self-discipline. Life is so much easier when I know where everything is and when I can easily understand what I did, have to do, and am currently doing. It saves a ton of time.

Wake up early

Part of being self-disciplined is giving time to work on myself. Such as exercise, medication, journaling, cooking a healthy big breakfast, and practicing law of attraction techniques. I am extremely productive in the early parts of the morning. At this time I do the task I dread, and other stuff which is under the “me” part of my to-do list. By 10 or 11 am I feel so good about myself and feel that I have accomplished so much.

Now this might not be the same for everybody – maybe your self-discipline tasks would be better done during the day or at night. In that case it might be better if you slept in a bit.

Health and Sleep

You cannot practice self-discipline or even function at an appropriate level if you do not have enough sleep. Self-discipline does not mean pursuing your goals while losing your sleep and decreasing your overall health. Nothing comes before health.

What habits have helped you develop and increase your self-discipline? Please share by commenting below.

Wishing you lots of happiness.

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