How to Make and Keep New Year’s Resolutions
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In general new year resolutions don’t stick. People have a difficult time keeping to them. Why is that? Because these goals were either not made correctly, or were wrong to begin with.

So this article is all about how to set your new year resolutions up for success! I have managed to keep my new year resolutions and I get very excited at the end of the year when I get to set new ones. I would love for you to experience the same, if you don’t already do so.

Read on to find some helpful tips on how to make and keep new year resolutions.

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1. Ensure your New Year’s Resolution is about YOU!

Setting new year resolutions that is not about you is wrong to begin with. For example, setting the resolution that your spouse should get promoted next year is not about you. It’s about your spouse. A goal that might be more appropriate could be something like this:

– I want to be a more supportive and encouraging partner; or

I want to provide a more relaxing and stress free environment at home; 

In this way you are helping your spouse and other household members, but the goal is still about you. You are still in control.

2. Be Realistic

Remember that your version of being realistic is different from someone else’s.  If you look within yourself and feel that you can do it – then go for it. But if while setting new year’s resolutions you feel hesitant or anxious that you are not going to make it, immediately alter it to a level which you are comfortable with.

For example, let’s say you have never played a musical instrument before and would like to learn how to play the guitar. You decided to set a new year’s resolution such as ‘I want to play guitar in a band by the end of the year’.

But you feel worried, hesitant, anxious, maybe you feel that you might not be able to do it etc. Try to alter the goal to a level that you are more comfortable with such as:

– I want to play 4 – 6 songs perfectly by the end of the year. 

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3. Get Specific

You want to have greater general knowledge. Excellent! But how would you know if you achieved it or not at the end of the year? New year’s resolutions like these are well meaning, but extremely difficult to measure. Try to get more specific about your new year’s resolutions. It might help to quantify things. For example you could say:

– I want to read at least one newspaper on a weekly basis to increase my general knowledge.

– I want to watch 2 documentaries a month to increase my general knowledge.

4. Declare your New Year’s Resolutions

I know that it’s not always a good idea to state your plans to the world, but when it comes to new year’s resolutions it’s different. If you tell your loved ones about your new year resolutions you are more likely to stick to it because you would want to prove to them that you can.

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5. Reward Yourself

Celebrate after small steps by rewarding yourself. If you stuck to your resolution for a month. Celebrate! This will give you a boast of positive energy and motivation. Encouraging yourself and loving yourself is important. Looking for ideas on how to reward yourself? Click here.

6. If you Loose Focus Accept It and get Back on Track

There are going to be times where you might forget to practice your new year resolutions. It might be the case that your day was just so tiring or had so many surprises that you just couldn’t find the time to do what you had to do. Understand that this is a part of life. Everyone does it. In these instances it is very important that you get back on track. Do not be disheartened to the point that you want to quit. Keep at it.

7. Keep a Checklist

Keep a checklist for every time you stick to the new year resolution. For example, if your new year resolution was to go to the gym once a week, use a calendar to mark each day that you went to the gym. As mentioned in a previous point, you can lose track, but this checklist will help you keep focus and get back on track. You would not want the empty spots on your checklist or calendar to grow. So you are more likely to stick to the new resolution and should you falter, it helps you get back on track faster.

I hope these tips have given you a more positive outlook on making and keeping new year’s resolutions.

Wishing you lots of happiness.

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