Ideas to Cheer up a Loved One 
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You might have a loved one who is going through a stressful situation. There are many ways to cheer up them up.  People might message to show their support, or maybe they would send inspirational quotes and videos. These messages and inspirational items most certainly make him or her feel good, but if the person is feeling really bad, why not go the extra mile? Add a human touch.

Technology is amazing! But if we want to add some magic, it’s important to bring in the human element. Take a look at the ideas below. These are much more personalized and they shower that lucky person with positivity and happiness.

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1. Give Them a Hug

Almost nothing is as reassuring as a good old bear hug. Give them a hug. Sometimes all someone needs to cheer up is a shoulder to cry on.

2. Take Them Out

Surprise them with a fun day out. One of my friends was feeling homesick during the Christmas season. I told her that tomorrow we would be going to a shopping mall. She didn’t seem to excited by agreed. We ended up having so much fun taking photos in front of the Christmas decorations and enjoying ourselves that it became a tradition the next year.

3. Cook or Bake for Them

Cook a hearty soup, or bake something. Giving someone food and eating with then makes them feel cared for.

4. Give Them a Care Basket

Creating a care basket is a lot of fun! It’s such a creative and flexible thing to do. How much you spend, how many items, what type of items, its all your choose. This gift is extremely personal because you choose exactly what goes into it. The care basket will differ according to the situation, for example if your loved one is feeling stressed because of work you can add the following to the care basket:

– squishy stress ball;

– motivational or self-help book with note from you;

– their favorite snacks; and

– a pot plant for their desk.

Drop of the care basket at their home or work place. It is bound to cheer them up.

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5. Do an Activity Together

Doing an activity together can greatly help to reduce the loneliness they might be feeling. It doesn’t have to be an exciting activity. It can be something mundane like grocery shopping.

6. Listen to Them

Sometimes just empathizing with the person and truly listening to them can make them feel so much better. It’s not always possible to go ahead and fix someone’s problems. Sometimes time is needed. In this kind of situations just being there to hear them out make’s a world of difference.

I hope these ideas have helped you or gave you an inspirational boost to think about a truly awesome way to cheer up your loved one. Please share your ideas by commenting below.

If you are feeling anxious or stressed you can read about natural remedies here.

Wishing you lots of happiness.

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