Meditation for the Mind that Can’t Stop Thinking
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I couldn’t meditate.  I’m the type of person who just can’t stop thinking of things. So many people have told me to meditate, but I couldn’t quieten my mind.  Recently I started practicing two techniques. I do not know if what I am doing counts as ‘proper’ meditation, but please take a look at the techniques below:

6 Phase Meditation / Envisioning Method by Vishen Lakhiani

In The Code of the Extraordinary Mind Vishen Lakhiani explains a method he invented in which a person visualises 6 categories. This practice takes about 20 minutes and pumps you up with energy, optimism, and a focused attitude. I have been practising it daily, and it has been a great help.

The 6 categories are:

  • compassion,
  • gratitude,
  • forgiveness,
  • your future (3 years ahead)
  • your perfect day (present day)
  • and the blessing.

I urge you to take a look at Mindvalley’s YouTube video where Vishen Lakhiani explains and guides you through this meditation. Once you learn the meditation, you can do it yourself without having to play the video.

This is only one aspect of his book “The Extraordinary Mind”. I promise you, this was one of the few books which has opened my eyes to so many different concepts, ideas, and realizations – all in one book. Usually, I take away one or two lessons after reading a book. But in this case you learn so much in a short space of time.

 Love Yourself by Kamal Ravikant

After reading Vishen Lakhiani’s book, he invites you to the Online Experience which is a digital, online extension of the book. One of the motivational videos in the online experience was by Kamal Ravikant. After watching his 20 minute video I read his book called Love Yourself Like your Life Depends on it. Kamal Ravikant clearly writes from his heart. It’s raw and emotional.

This is a fantastic short book that has taught me another form of meditation. It’s really simple and quick. I feel amazingly calm and energized after this.

I have not found a YouTube link which explains this technique by Kamal Ravikant himself so again I urge you to go ahead and read his book.

Now the reason I am referring you to the YouTube link or the books  is because I’d like you to learn the technique from the source itself. It is much more beneficial.  If you do read the books, I promise you, you will learn so much more then just these techniques.

Please let me know if there is any other meditation practices you follow and how it has helped you.

Wishing you lots of happiness.

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