Trust, Intuition, and the Universe
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I used to be upset when people I care about didn’t have detailed plans for their future. How can someone have a laissez-faire approach towards their future?

At first, I found it fun and easy to make intricate plans about every aspect and possible scenario of my life. It kept me on track. Yet I began to feel tired and stressed because I was constantly thinking about each decision I made.

I scrutinized my choices and imagined what the domino effect would be. Desperate to find the fastest way towards my goal. It came to a point that the stress and emotional negativity was harming me. It gave me sleepless nights and brought on anxiety.

Aarón Blanco Tejedor

Addicted to controlling everything. 

There are so many pieces of information that can be obtained with just a click of a button. But even with the speed and ease of information it is impossible for us to know everything at any given point in time.

Let your intuition guide you.

Did you ever google “poisonous foods and how to avoid them”? Most probably not. You know the basics. You use your intuition to keep you safe (whether you realise it or not).

Sometimes we should understand the basics and let the rest be. In my case, I needed to understand what my long-term goal was and have a general idea of how to get there. That’s it. Let the universe plan the details.

Our intuition is linked to the universe.

We need to let our sub-conscious mind or intuition take over. Our intuition is linked to that all knowing higher power. We need to practice trusting ourselves. God, the universe, higher powers, they know far more than we could ever know. We are in better hands if we let them take over the details.

We can control most things in our lives if we want. But sometimes it’s nice to let things run on autopilot for a while. Enjoy the moment, with the certainty that you are going to reach your destination.

Please let me know if you had issues with trusting yourself and how you overcame it by commenting below.

Wishing you lots of happiness.

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