What if humans are Aliens?
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Why humans haven’t found aliens yet and what if humans themselves are aliens? Yes, till today there is no convincing proof that aliens exist. We have been talking about it from a very long time but did not realize that humans themselves have some unique signs which shows an alien behavior. Here are few things to think about:


Out of every living being we are the dominant one. It’s not because of our physical strength, but because of our mental ability to self-reflect. We are able to solve complex problems, can speak multiple languages, have different skill-sets, etc. All this shows that we are highly intelligent, more than other living beings on this earth.


Since, we are the only genius beings on this earth, its obvious that we solve intellectual problems and come out with highly technological inventions everyday. We come across many electronic devices and new updates everyday which shows how highly technological we are from the rest of the living beings.


The evolution of aviation starts back when we used to fly kites, then flying balloons, then flying machines and today we have airplanes, rockets and drones.
These days drones are trending technology and the initiative has already been taken for that flying saucer we used to talk about.

Yes we created something better than flying saucers. Thanks to Hollywood because they made it so popular that people started inventing one. People follow what they see on the screen and Hollywood has successfully interpreted the ideas.

Already, an electric sports car is out there in space representing the human existence to the outsiders.


We can say that if we are aliens then we are not the good ones, but the bad ones. Everything was in its own place: the ecosystem, nature, etc. until we came into this world and things changed.

  • Humans created borders, nations , cities and states. World war never used to happen until we started first, second and expecting the third. Modern heavy automatic weapons are invented and upgraded with  technology synchronously.
  • Radiations: Making life difficult for birds.
  • Plants and trees- We eat them, use them and destroy them, if they are not in use. The width of the black topped road where we drive our vehicles are increasing which narrows the space for vegetation.
  • Animals – We eat them, use them and destroy them as well if they are not useful to us.
  • Nature – We are destroying it and today climate change is a trending topic we talk about.
  • Perhaps, If the human species disappears from this earth,  animals and nature will thrive.


It was believed that people back then had magical powers and could contact aliens and worship them as god in different civilizations. With no convincing proof people believed that some architectures like Egyptian pyramids, Easter island, Stonehenge, etc. were built by aliens. It was difficult to believe that human built it because of its complex structure which is impossible now without heavy machines.

According to Hindu mythology: There were gods who has head of animals but bodies of humans. Head transplant was possible back then. For example: the head of an elephant known as Lord Ganesh, the head of a monkey is known as Lord Hanuman. There was a god who is blue in color known as Lord Krishna. There were flying humans and also flying machines.

According to the Qur’an: Life exist besides this earth. Gin and other magical things are mentioned.


In 1950, physicist Enrico Fermi famously exclaimed to his colleagues over lunch: “Where is everybody?”. He just wonders that so many things has been research till date but  no such convincing proof of alien existence.

In this infinite universe, perhaps, we are running in an infinity time frame, where things are occurring again and again, but things are changing little by little whenever it occurs again. We are revolving round the sun infinitely and maybe one day we can communicate with future civilization of ourselves as an alien and may be we are the descendants of aliens/humans.

There are already some predictions on how humans will look in future.What if this is how our descendants will look like:

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Now something to think about is its scary if we are alone in this universe, but what if we are the aliens running around an infinite time frame. What do you think?

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  1. Aashif Rahuman

    Human’s physic has changed a lot over a period of time ,
    There are proofs shows human were bigger than what they are now.

    1. Amit

      Yes I agree with you.

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