When Things Don’t Go Your Way
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I have had situations where things just blew up in my face and took a completely different turn from what I had expected. These situations are extremely distressing and overwhelming. Even today these things still happen. But I have learned to cope. This article is not backed by psychological research, but the methods I discussed below is what I have personally used. Maybe my ways are not the best of ways, but it helps me. I hope this article helps you when things don’t go your way.

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1. Sleep

When things didn’t go my way I would feel so stressed and overwhelmed. But one thing that always calmed me down was sleep. I would eagerly wait until bedtime.

I would lay down in bed by 8:00 PM and fall asleep before 9:00 PM. This became a habit which has stuck with me up till today. This is not necessarily a bad thing. Your body should get the required hours of sleep no matter what happens because sleeping at the correct times and for the correct amount of hours is good for your health.

If you are having trouble falling of to sleep read this.

2. Practice Mindfulness

I have become so good at practicing mindfulness in the mid of mayhem that I completely zone out. I don’t know if this is considered healthy or not, but it really calms me. When things don’t go my way, I practice mindfulness while cooking to calm myself down.

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3. Read a book, preferably a motivational one

Want a break from your upside down world? Read a book. It would really help if you could read a motivational book. Or one of those true stories about people who have overcome all types of obstacles. It might just help but your mind in a better perspective where you are able to see that maybe your situation is not so bad after all.

4. Practice gratitude

I know how difficult it is to practice gratitude at a time of your life when everything seems to be falling apart, but if you can just force yourself to find at least one thing to be grateful for, you can build on your gratitude from there. Once you find that grateful feeling once more, you will feel calmer.

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5. Work on Plan B

Things are bursting into flames. Years of planning down the drain. But We still have to get through it. Life carries on. Don’t give up, plan again. I much rather try and gain some sort of control or direction to my life then let other people choose for me. I understand plans don’t always work out. I have probably reached Plan H by now but, I still find joy in planning because it gives me some sort of control.

Life is full of good news, bad news, and uncertainty. You can learn an easy yet remarkable formula for dealing with uncertainty by clicking here.

It is important to note that plans do not have to be detailed if you don’t want them to. Even choosing a specific direction is a plan. It can be as simple as saying, my plan is to smile each day.

I truly hope these tips have helped you. If you know of other coping mechanisms I urge you to please share them. Your tip could greatly help someone who really needs it.

Wishing you lots of happiness.

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